Are you achieving all you want to do and be.  Are you focusing and concentrating to achieve your long-term and short-term goals and do you have a long view and concept of the outcome or results.  By doing so would make your insight futuristic and you would certainly prove to yourself that doing so would never be a waste of time and would help you achieve more  your desired outcome.


Corporations, huge and small, are incorporating into their calendar of activities schedules of goal setting for their executives and other staffs. Harmonizing the company’s goal with the career and professional goals of the company employees can be immensely beneficial. This allows people to be more open, conscientious, thus developing the environment into a more conducive place for professional growth. 

As people go on with their everyday chores and concerns, important things that are evolving in the process are recorded in goal setting worksheets for future review. And since a goal setting worksheet is more organized, it retains this “orderliness” even when used as a scratch paper. How wonderful that even from its infancy, the process of goal planning is already organized and arranged according to the attendees’ frame of reference! 

Remember, if you are in a team, victory and success of the team should certainly be a collective effort, that is why no one should be ever left out when it comes to the important task of goal setting. Set out to know each member’s situation and personal condition. Doing so would enable the coach to help increase the members self confidence that would eventually translate to greater and more effective focus, and ultimately, to better performance. 

The workshop will help you to set your own goals and desires and to order them into meaningful order.  Often, important goals in life ought to be started immediately. Step-by-step procedures or processes on how the set goals are included in this video. Even though you may eventually figure out the measures you  must take to know the techniques, you have to still suggest specific and vivid suggestions on how to effectively accomplish the goals. 

In this way, you will easily access every angle of your goal, whenever there is a need to review any of its components. Since the very purpose of goal setting is to be achievable, your goals should be challenging enough to stimulate you but realistic enough so as not to discourage you in the end. For instance, you want to set a goal for your personal growth, as a person and as a professional. 




Do Critical and Creative Thinking Compliment Each Other?

Essentially critical thinking and creativity go hand in hand. Vital questioning helps you to look objectively at a hassle, problem, item or individual and take into consideration the entire scenario. Creativity enables you to take that entire picture and observe it in a new way. Whilst a few may think of critical thinking as being extra cautious and the innovative thinking is more abstract, they’re more similar that one thinks.


The innovative man and woman is probably seen as an ingenious and emotional kind which may include artists, writers and philosophers. A critical thinker is more likely to be thought of as a systematic genius who may be skeptical and lacking in imagination and creativity. But both sorts are masters of the idea system.


The reasoning technique of critical thinking shows a creativeness that enable one to go on to the next stage.  Critical thinking is present in creativity by means of carrying the idea process further than critical thinking logic and assessing it in an innovative way. Great critical minds including Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin could by no means have introduced their inventions without their creativity and innovative thinking that leaves the world of common sense bemused.


Some attributes with similarities in both critical and creative thinkers are :-


Interested in exploring new possibilities,

Confronting accepted ways and thoughts,

Thinking-up new ideas and ways of solving problems,

No blinkered vision that restricts us to one train of thought on things,

Try and try again with new approaches to make something new work,


The processes of critical and creative thinking are also similar. For example, both styles of thinking are prompted by a concept or line of thinking that takes the imagination beyond the world of everyday though processes.


These thoughts are pondered on and processed to form a clear solution that can be shown to the world.  This leads the way to developing alternative ways of thinking and then through this thinking process produces inventions, new writings, art or ideas.


Both types of thinking also require a large measure of self-confidence and the ability to think of and present multiple ways to view a situation or problem. To promote both critical and creative thinking a person should have an inquiring mind that drives them to read, to engage in out–of-the-box thinking and to try things that are outside the way they would usually do things.


Critical and creative thinking can complement each other by bringing new ideas and ways of thinking into your life.